Pink Dots For Tea

I am oddly entranced with this Pink dot Tea dress which I found on the sale section of the Boden site (I went there last night to look for v-neck cardigans, which are on my “want” list for fall … and got distracted by the on-sale stuff). It’s only available in limited sizes, and only in pink, but … it’s cute! click on the tiny image to visit their site and see a zoomable picture.

Boden calls this a Spotty Tea Dress, but that makes me think of less-pleasant things, so I will just call it a Pink dot Tea Dress, if that’s all ideal with y’all. Not that I don’t spot myself with tea on a regular basis (drinking iced tea all day long as I do, and not being the most graceful of persons). and occasionally I’ll spot other people to an iced tea. and a lot more often than I like I break out in what the Brits call ‘spots’. but I don’t think I want a dress to remind me of that.

I’ve had normally good experiences with Boden; I have a printed twill coat of theirs which is one of my favorite things, ever. I haven’t gotten a dress from them yet, though, mostly because I really, really don’t want to get things without pockets. but if you don’t have that odd compulsion, maybe this dress is for you? (Or you could try this one, which does have pockets — but is only in smaller sizes.)

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