Bells Are Ringing (plus new wiki charity challenge)

Rita at Cemetarian sent me this over Labor Day (pattern sellers: not unionized, don’t get major holidays) and I believe it’s truly sweet.

Even though pointy seam lines on a skirt always make me believe of Tinkerbell (who has been totally RUINED by Disney, say thanks to you extremely much), I still believe this would be a fantastic gown for a midday wedding event (for the bride). I like that bit jacket, so (I’ll state it again) sweet. I want it to be made in champagne-colored silk faille, which would evaluate ONE METRIC TON, however it would be gorgeous.

I like the non-wedding-y versions, too, however they all seem to need the using of large girdle-type wardrobe to get that smooth waistline, which I believe is a bit much to expect of a gown that’s NOT a wedding event dress.

This also reminds me what a amazing resource our Wikia vintage Pattern Wiki is for brides — here’s the link to all the gowns labelled “Bridal”: 179 patterns and counting! I believe we ought to have another wiki contest: If we get to 500 honest-to-goodness wedding event gowns uploaded and labelled by Oct. 1, I’ll make a donation of $500 from A gown A Day to women for women International, to assist women around the world so they have the flexibility to get married since they want to, not since they’re required to — a flexibility many of us take for granted. What do you say?

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