Button, button, who’s got the button?

whenever I think I’ve seen every damn pattern ever made between 1948 and 1963, I’m shocked by another one — and this is quite surprising. I love the collar that wraps around like a tentacle — of course it need to be buttoned down, else it would throttle the wearer without the tiniest provocation. In fact, you can see that there’s just a artificial button closure (with no buttonhole) to stop any kind of escape plot.

This one is on eBay (as always, click the photo to hit the link) and B30. Bidding starts at $9.99. I was thinking of getting it (just to keep it out of circulation and you all safe, you understand, as it’s not my size), but the a lot more I look at this the a lot more it (no pun intended) grows on me. I’d love to see someone (someone ELSE) figure a way to sew it in stripes. Bias stripes. any individual up for the challenge? send photos and/or cries for help to the address on the right.

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