Sometimes it’s just the hat.

Okay, you can’t tell me that the illustrator of this dress didn’t have a side bet with her officemate as to whether or not she’d get this hat (on the left) past management. looks like she won.

And check out the woman NOT wearing the space alien hat. She is obviously (judging from her silver hair and fierce expression) the leader of the invasion team. Furious that they have landed on a planet where their outward appearance subjects them to second-class treatment, obscene propositions, and hats such as this, she has decided to override the ideas of her superiors and schedule this planet for immediate invasion. (C’mon! It would explain SO MUCH!)

Anyway, I really like the waistline of this dress, and the little jacket. and the of-course-aliens-invaded explanation of why things have been so crazy lately. The pattern is $8.80 (I’m sure the numerologists among you will let me know of the significance of this number) on eBay. click on the image to buy.

(I have been trolling pattern listings this weekend–not for the Duro dress, surprisingly, but for a pattern I can see absolutely clearly in my head and which seems not to exist. I want one of those suits where the jacket has raglan sleeves and a pronounced swing in the back, like a trapeze coat, only hip-length. Yeah, you can see it too, right? Damned if I can *find* it.)

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