The Hundred Dresses: Day 29

I do appreciate the irony of these next few pictures being somewhat out-of-focus:

This is another vogue 9929, of course, and it’s in that heavy Japanese Echino fabric. I’ve only stitched with it a couple of times but I truly like it. It’s easy to sew with and extremely comfortable to wear. The only drawback is that the whites are all much more on the “unbleached/ecru” side, so if you requirement your whites sparkling, Echino may not be the fabric for you. (It appears like a variant on this print is still available, too.)

I purchased what seemed like a great deal of this fabric rather a long time ago, and made a nice-enough pleated skirt out of about half of it. Which left me just somewhat under what I needed for this dress, as you can see from the visible sliver of the selvage at this underarm seam:

Here it is close up:

A better example of me going “eh, what the heck, nobody will notice and if they do they’ll certainly be polite enough not to state anything” cannot be found. You can also see that there wasn’t enough for self-fabric bias, so I resorted to good ol’ double-fold directly from the package.  (Oh and that zipper is about a C+.)

Here’s the back view:

If you went by sheer number of approving comments, this is most likely the most prominent dress I own. I am routinely stopped on the street and asked about it (which I utilize as chances to evangelize the numerous many benefits of sewing).

(If you want to see this being worn, I published about it here. I also have this fabric in green.)

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