Lucky: love and hate

new lucky mag today, which I love. and hate. I love lucky because their editors find these gorgeous things and present them to you with absolutely no pretense that they are anything other than pretty inconsequential things that give pleasure (that is, they don’t have the vogue disease where everything is Culturally Important). I hate lucky because their stylists are colorblind pranksters hellbent on playing “exquisite corpse,” only with innocent clothes.

I mean, look at this dress above. Nice, right? terrific color, elegant lines. Pretty. maybe I’d leave off the sash, or tie it a little higher for a more empire line, but it’s not hilariously wrong.

Now look what lucky did to it in November: and this is not even an especially egregious example — for instance, they didn’t decide to do the timeless yes-I-am-insane-thanks-for-asking combo of tailored short-shorts and random-color tights, worn with peeptoe wedges, that shows up about twice an issue; nor did they swag the model in kitschy theme jewelry like a Liberace-themed Christmas tree, as is their wont. They even refrained from breaking out the Boots of Hysterical Unwearability, of which they seem to have an unending supply. (And they did tie the sash higher.)

I tend to rip out pages from magazines if there’s a striking image, or if there’s something that belongs in my Binder(s) of good Ideas, and the pages I tear out of lucky hardly ever feature a living person, unless by chance what has caught my eye is the topmost stratum of all the layers of WTF? that the stylist has aggregated.

And yet I read it voraciously every month. Go figure. Anyway, if you want this dress click on either image; it’s called the “Fighting Eel Dress” (why? I have absolutely no idea) and it’s $230, which is an awful lot for stretch cotton, especially when you consider lucky thinks you have to add a completely incongruous tweed clutch handbag (that is itself $200!), and metallic leather pumps. Me, I say you could get away with ankle-strap round-toed flats (yellow would be cute!) and a little denim jacket in case it got chilly, and a maybe a slouchy bag with a wide strap. Although I’m sure whatever casual bag you already carry would be fine. (Actually, Rio’s wonderful distressed white leather handbag — which I marvel at every time I see — would be The perfect Bag, but since I can’t describe it any better than that I shall pass over it in silence.)

Whew. next time, I’ll rant about the lucky Breaks, and why I don’t consider 20% off a $300 item The deal of the Century …

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