Wrong Menu.

Mr. Dressaday as well as I utilized to go to one specific Cantonese restaurant all the time. (This would be before it burned down.) The personnel held advanced degrees in “surly” as well as the entire location was embellished in early Colonial Formica, however the food was sublime — if you bought it off the ideal menu. When you went in, they handed you a gigantic red tabloid-size basic Chinese restaurant Menu, with Chop Suey as well as Egg Fried Rice as well as whatnot. You were meant to put that ostentatiously to one side as well as buy off the little red menu, which was truly just a lot of typed pages in a report folder. That was the menu that had Smoked Oysters with eco-friendly Onions as well as Ginger as well as Crispy Shredded Boneless Chicken.

Anyway, when we suggested this location to someone, as well as failed to remember to provide them the menu protocol. We figured it was evident — you’d take one look at the spotless totem menu, as well as then buy from the menu that was discolored with black bean as well as garlic sauce, right? Well, no. So they had the world’s worst general Tso poultry (we really theorized that maybe they sent somebody out the back door to buy it from a Szechuan takeaway location down the block) as well as reported to us that we were crazy, the restaurant was terrible! What were we thinking?

This is all a extremely long method of pointing out that when I state I like liberty prints, I don’t indicate stuff such as this dress. This is the generic general Tso poultry of Liberty, ideal here. I indicate that I like stuff like this:or this:or this:

Which are all liberty materials I’m currently coveting.

This dress? It’s not horrible, however it’s not wonderful, either. It’s the sartorial equivalent of mediocre takeaway general Tso Chicken. It’s likewise $50 at Sierra publish Trading Company, a catalog that fascinates me although I never get anything from it. It’s like a J. Peterman bizarro world where everybody cross-country skis instead of staying inside with hot cocoa as well as truly great cookies, like practical people. To provide you an concept of just exactly how bizarro, the catalog has four pages of socks — as well as only one of dresses. The day I requirement ergonomically shaped socks, imported from Ireland, no less, with “2250 loops per square inch,” whatever that means, is the day when I officially have nothing considerable to concern about. just linking that took me longer than it normally takes me to really purchase socks. including exactly how long it takes me to drive to Target. (And I know, I know, you hiker people are all going to inundate me with stories about exactly how if you hadn’t had precisely THOSE SOCKS, you would have ohmigod died of HYPOTHERMIA, forreals, however instead your feet were warm as well as dry as well as you ate some gorp in great health. It’s okay. I believe you.)

So: to recap: All liberty is not good; you want the stuff off the special menu. I desire Hong min would discover a new place in Chinatown, already.Socks are funny. particularly geeky socks.

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