This Is Driving Me crazy

This is a new vogue reproduction pattern (Vogue 1172), and I know, absolutely and without doubt, that I once blogged about the original of this pattern. Can I remember it now? Can I find it now? Is it labeled with any of the hundreds of facetious tags I have used considering that starting to blog five years ago? No, no, and double no, with a garnish of freshly-ground imported nope.

I vaguely remember that someone else was trying to find this pattern, and maybe I was putting out an APB? Possibly? Or maybe it was just me wishing I had an excuse to make a dress that can require up to seven yards of fabric to make? No? Doesn’t ring a bell?

I do love this pattern, though, so I’m very delighted to see it back in production. I just wish I could remember the original number, although I mean it doesn’t make much difference. but wouldn’t it be amazing if someone (NOT ME) blogged about making two versions, one from the vintage pattern and one from the reproduction? It would be amazing if someone (NOT ME) wanted to take on the challenge … (did I say NOT ME loud enough? I hope so.)

If you remember the original number, oh please have mercy and leave a comment letting me know!

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