Inspiring styles of the day – famous characters

I have been fascinated by video game characters for a long time, even though I don’t necessarily play the games. One such example is Kratos  – that is one fantastic character, the graphics are fantastic as well as the story is just to die for(pun intended). That is part of the reason I selected him for one of the five inspiring graphics featuring famous characters. The others came naturally since I wished to focus on famous characters that are produced in a different way with  an extra dark side to their personality. So apart from the God of war we have the Cheshire feline from Alice in Wonderland or an picture that I pictured would be fairy tale worthy, Leonardo from The teen mutant Ninja turtles, the incredible Flash as well as a Venom ridden Spiderman.
The FlashThe Cheshire CatLeonardoKratosVenom

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