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Bestia story garments line has two founders – George Dulos from Livermore, CA as well as Luis Castle from Ceres, CA, as well as was produced while they were going to DeVry university in the bay area of California. Luis got exhausted of working for other business so he chose to begin his own company. breaking from the mold of searching for just monetary comfort as well as security, Luis recognized the bases of a company that influenced people (especially young ones) to comply with their dreams as well as utilize their talents. as well as for that he needed a back story, which many products today lack as well as don’t truly go beyond affordable artifices. Luis puts it bluntly:
“What is the back-story or implying on the designs? using something on your body ought to determine you as well as what you believe in however many of the t-shirts I had were just random styles or business logos. I believed we might do better.”
As a result, Bestia story garments has tee shirts with styles referencing a scene or part of the larger story. It is a story that ties in all of its styles as well as creations, a story that they hope has a positive influence as well as influences people to let go of worry as well as comply with their dreams.
For now the story has 3 characters as well as 1 chapter, the 2nd one being offered in beta mode as a preview for fans who subscribe.
THE MOONBESTIALIL NICHOLBestia story has a strong connection with its clients as well as public in general, by continuously getting in touch with their opinions as well as options in terms of the line’s future products. The blog is proof that they are continuously keeping the public on their toes with contests, giveaways as well as discount rates whenever possible as a reward for comments as well as support, in addition to getting included in the community.
The styles are original as well as you will get to like the characters when you understand the story behind them, although the Tim Burton vibe will guarantee popularity even if you don’t checked out the story. The tee shirts are decently priced as well as they likewise have snapback hats, luxurious toys with the characters as well as posters.
Get in touch with Facebook as well as Twitter as well as let them understand what you believe – they will get back to you as well as will surely consider your viewpoint for future products !
Chapter 2 F.E.A.RChapter 2 F.E.A.RArtemis CityReach for the MoonBestiaLil NicholLonely HillThe MoonGrey Power sign Snapback HatBestia Baseball TeeThe lovable luxurious toys:
Bestia luxurious toy (hand made)Lil Nichol luxurious toy (hand made)And soon to be released – hoodies, which have a truly great presentation:
Bestia StoryBestia Story
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