Zig-zag Treadle stitching maker

I discovered to sew on my mother’s treadle stitching maker when I was about seven years old. I believed our neighbor’s electric zig-zag stitching maker was incredibly cool, so as a teenager I saved up my babysitting incomes as well as gotten myself an electric zig-zag machine. After stitching on this for a few years, I truly started to miss stitching on a treadle stitching machine, however I didn’t want to provide up that nifty zig-zag stitch, so I made a decision to try to make a zig-zag treadle stitching machine.

I searched ebay* up until I discovered a zig-zag stitching maker with a handwheel that stuck out over the edge of the stitching maker base. I discovered a singer fashion Mate 252 from the early 1970’s, in (not so) charming shades of green. There are a few other singer 200 as well as 300 series zig-zag designs that likewise can be utilized with a treadle. Janome now makes a contemporary stitching maker to be put in a treadle base, too.

I didn’t have a cupboard the stitching maker would in shape in, however obviously they in shape ideal into a singer 66 cabinet. I cut out a hole in a scavenged particleboard desk top as well as connected it to a treadle base I gotten at a garage sale. I keep indicating to replace that particleboard with something prettier, however it works just fine, as well as I’m a lot more into function than form, so it’s never made it to the top of my concern list.

This stitching maker is harder to treadle than a directly stitch machine, however my back gets worn out from bending over the stitching maker before my legs get tired, so its not truly an problem unless I’m doing a great deal of satin stitching.

I like exactly how universal the older singer short shank machines are – I can utilize all of my vintage singer accessories in addition to contemporary accessories for short shank stitching machines.

I’ve kind of hacked this stitching machine. right here are the other adjustments I’ve made:

The fashion Mate 252 includes directly stitch, zig-zag, as well as a blind hem stitch. In my lots of hours spent checking out stitching machines on ebay, I’d observed some flat black special stitch cams that appeared like the ones inside my stitching machine. I took a possibility as well as gotten them, as well as thankfully they fit, so I replaced the blind hem stitch cam with the 3-step zig-zag cam. You can likewise sew a blind hem with the 3-step zig-zag, so I’m not losing that function.

Usually stitch lengths are determined in millimeters these days, not stitches per inch as this stitching maker is marked with. I got worn out of making the conversions, so I made a new label for the stitch lengths.

The thread holder is a section of a knitting needle that I glued in location with a big glob of hot melt glue underneath, considering that the original thread holder had damaged off.

I re-wired the light directly to a cord as well as re-attached it on the back of the stitching machine.

When I’ve told people about this stitching machine, they’ve commented that I might sew when the power is out. Which seemed type of silly, considering that I’m not normally believing about stitching when the power is out. I’m normally believing about exactly how I can keep the food from spoiling, as well as where the heck did I leave the flashlight. however we lost power a number of times this summertime because of thunderstorms, as well as one of those times I observed an post of garments that needed mending sitting on my stitching maker as well as I took care of it, just for the novelty of stitching when the power was off.

I have been stitching with this stitching maker for years, as well as I like it. I have an electric stitching maker that’s only a few years old, however I barely ever utilize it.

*I don’t suggest getting stitching machines on ebay. I gotten three, as well as they all shown up damaged. luckily I was getting two of them for parts, as well as a lot of of the parts were still good. a lot of people don’t understand exactly how to bundle stitching machines for shipping.

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