A indication of the monkopolypse

thinking about that five people sent me links to this before breakfast (including my little sibling — hello Matt!), I figured that I should publish it, even though I’m sure all of you saw it on boingboing already — it has just occurred to me that I get more info from boingboing than from any type of other place, which is either inspirational or sad, take your pick).

Click on the photo to hit the link my sibling sent (Matt, why are you reading the Tampa Bay paper?), which has audio as well as video as well as whatnot. Frankly, I was as well scared to listen to the audio, or watch the video. I’m not sure which would be worse. For instance, what if the audio went like this?

Radio guy (in radio voice): “We’re right here with Rebecca Yaker of Minneapolis infant as well as bedding site Hazel as well as Melvin’s Room. Can you tell us exactly how you came up with the concept for a sock-monkey gown OH MY GOD one of THEM WINKED AT ME NO look THEIR MOUTHS ARE opening I DID NOT understand THEY might DO THAT SHARP TEETH OMG NO NO NOT MY MIC FOR THE like OF GOD assist ME somebody PLEASE AAAAARRRRGGH.”

But what if the video, in addition, showed their sharp little teeth glistening with gore, as well as the design with her arms raised in that B-movie “I’m being controlled by forces I cannot understand” pose? That would be even more terrifying.

Now that I have an inkling of the sock monkeys’ evil plan I may have to hide all the Tony Millionaire’s Sock Monkey as well as Tom & Pippo books in the house. UNLESS IT’S already as well LATE. Was that the soft thump of a knitted wool foot behind me?

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