Random holiday gift #2

(Another in our occasional series of gift-giving advice.)

Sure, bath as well as shower stuff is now a standard gift at the holidays, however this stuff, Kneipp shower gel, is different. Well, the Juniper range is different. Why? since it smells precisely (and I indicate *exactly*) like Wint-o-green Life Savers.

I don’t understand about you, however for me, that’s a great thing. It smells delicious, however not heavy or cloying (as so lots of flower-and-fruit-scented gels do), it’s invigorating, as well as it stays IN THE SHOWER. I may like to wake as much as a specific scent, however I don’t want it complying with me all day. (I have this stuff for that.)

They’ve just altered the packaging (it utilized to be a relatively odd-looking square-topped white plastic bottle that held onto the last ounce with a tenacity seldom seen in bath products). There are likewise herbal baths (less sudsy) as well as fizzy bath tablets available, too.

This makes a excellent stocking stuffer!

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